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Pete Pillsbury Sr

Pete Pillsbury Sr. is co-founder and President of TargetSuccess. His rich and varied background includes academic studies in history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, theology and education. He also has acquired a wide knowledge of human and organizational behaviors. Pete has worked with international and community-based organizations in Europe, Kenya, East Africa and the U.S.   In 1970, Pete’s life took a new direction when he decided to become a public school teacher. Involvement in education quickly led to school administrator and eventually superintendent of an 11,000 student district in northern California. He is the author of two books: Cocoon to Butterfly: The Metamorphosis of a School and Journey to Sunshine Mountain, also a number of journal articles.

For more than twenty-five years Pete has focused on strategies to select, develop and retain the most talented employees. He has refined approaches to help schools, organizations, and communities function at their highest capacities. He has trained hundreds of people to use the structured interview, has helped many organizations select top leaders, has consulted on effective organizational planning and design and has provided leadership and employee development programs for organizations. He has developed unique, highly effective self-directed online training and development programs.

People who work with Pete are consistently inspired by the example of his leadership. His trainings in personnel selection and development receive accolades from participants. He has been a coach and mentor for many leaders. He vigorously pursues his mission to help organizations select, develop and retain the best talent to function at the highest levels of client service and productivity.


969555 10200267586866207 669952054 nPeter Pillsbury Jr. is co-founder and CEO/CTO  of TargetSuccess. Peter brings more than 30 years of experience imagining, designing, and creating software solutions for mission-critical business and real-world applications. From the days of Commodore, DOS and VisiCalc to imagining the possibilities of massively scalable cloud-based multi-user applications built using tools of extraordinary quality yet extremely low cost, Peter has been immersed in the world and business of personal computers since they first came on the scene.

His mission for TargetSuccess is to build systems using appropriate technology, focussing on accessibilty, simplicity, and results. He is passionate about creating tools that are easy to use, exceptionally affordable, and that will truly make a difference in the quality of our children's education experience, and the effectiveness and profitability of any business that hires employees.



Marsha Miholovich

Marsha Miholovich is a consultant of TargetSuccess, based in Texas. She has flourished in the Education Field since 1975, beginning as a Teacher Aide  and continuing through Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, Superintendent and Educational Consultant. She believes in creating and sustaining a school culture for continuous improvement for students and staff. For many school districts Marsha has led the development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and campus goals and objectives involving the optimal school climate for students and staff. She also assisted the staff in identifying their strengths and developing on-going personal development programs.

Leveraging technology to improve the Human Resource department at one district, Marsha implemented an on-line application system, on-line applicant screening tool and assisted principals with the hiring screening process. During her tenure of interviewing and hiring of personnel she was diligent in seeking those applicants that aligned with her philosophy of a continuous improvement school culture.  Her passion for developing people is evident in the programs she developed and coordinated: Gifted and Talented Program, Strategic Planning Process and Strategic Plan, Dyslexia Program, New Teacher Orientation Training and Mentor Program, and Substitute Orientation Program.  She served as a District representative for job fairs. Marsha brings her intrinsic talent for establishing a climate of trust, innovativeness and responsible risk-taking to every client interaction.


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Mark Casey is a consultant of TargetSuccess, based in Washington. Mark Casey is a resident of the state of Washington. He has been a teacher and administrator. Mark has been using various forms of the structured interview to select outstanding teachers and leaders for nearly twenty years. He has been an associate of TargetSuccess since our beginning. Since Mark has conducted well over a thousand structured interviews, he is highly qualified to coach/train others in the use of this powerful tool. In addition, Mark has extensive experience in using the TargetSuccess Teacher Interview to help low performing teachers improve.

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The Structured Interview:

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Focus on: Structured Interview

The Structured Interview:

What is it and Why use it?


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David Inns, Assistant Superintendent, Tahoe Truckee Unified
2012-12-27, 03:17
“TargetSuccess provided research based training and support to our entire administrative team. The outcomes from the training in teacher selection … read more
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