Leadership Development

Leadership Development


The support and development of school leaders is a critical part of our work in fulfilling our vision of: Each student, each day having a positive learning experience.

We currently are involved with several school leadership development programs around the country. We look forward to supporting the work of many more of these important programs in the future. We have also been providing support in several school districts for the growth of their school leaders.

Our Leadership Tool Box is continuously growing as we learn more about the needs of aspiring and existing school leaders. At present, this tool box includes:

  • Attributes of a High Performing School Leader
  • Criteria based, predictive School leader Sketch (used for screening and development)
  • Behavioral based, predictive school leader structured interview
  • Developmental profile for both Sketch and Interview, includes extensive analysis and suggestions   (click here for demo)
  • Online, self-directed leadership growth program, supported by an e-coaching model   (click here for Overview Video)
  • Principal Start-up Manual
  • Letter to an assistant principal
  • Library of web based and print resources
  • Online self-focus program (time and personal management)
  • Leadership 360 Surveys
  • Self Surveys
  • School Climate Surveys


TargetSuccess Leadership Tool Box offers an in-depth development system that includes elements of  the TargetSketch, TargetInterview and TargetSurvey instruments. Our online self-directed program facilitates deep insight into an individuals strengths and weaknesses.

Anyone who has taken a TargetSketch Screening Sketch can benefit from our Developmental analysis of their Sketch results. Or sign up for an in-depth coached online program.


These tools add significant value to programs training aspiring school leaders and school districts wanting to provide growth opportunities for existing school leaders.

If you would like more information about our work or demonstration of any of our tools please contact us. We want to support your success.



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