Posting Manager Demo

Posting Manager Demo

This demo illustrates how a TargetSuccess Posting Manager account works. 


Once you log in (use the username and password below for this demo), you will see additional menu items appear on the main menu above, however, successful login takes you directly to the Posting Manager control page and you are ready to begin.


Since others may be using the Demo account, you may see a list of postings created by others for their own test purposes. Feel free to explore whatever you find here.


The Sketch available for the Demo account is a short (3-question) sample Sketch to help make it easy to go through all the features of the Posting Manager without having to spend the time to complete a full Sketch.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to show you around the Posting Manager.


To see a DEMO Account, that shows how client access works, select Client Access and Posting Manager from the menu, or use the login panel on the right. Login using:


Username: demo

password: password



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