CASC / Tier II Program


CASC / Tier II Program Elements


TargetSuccess is pleased to announce an efficient and cost effective Tier 2 Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) program solution that:

  • Meets the requirements of the CTC (see the ASC… document that accompanies this)
  • Includes sophisticated self-assessment and quantitative review/progress tracking system
  • In-depth Development Profile system via Sketch
  • Self- and 360- Surveys
  • Sketch sets IIP benchmarks and measures progress
  • Is compatible with a larger delivery framework e.g. college course


The platform is Moodle and there are currently nine modules:

  • Introduction and Intention
  • CPSEL and Leadership Foundational Attributes Review
  • The Leader I Want To Be
  • The Leader I Am
  • Analysis of My Foundational Attribute Data and CPSEL Progress
  • Individual Induction Plan (IIP) Action/Implementation Planning
  • Personal Time Management
  • Practicing and Reflecting on Foundational Leadership Attributes Behaviors and CPSEL Goals
  • Assessment: Pre, Mid, and Post


In addition, for each module:

  • Attributes of a High Performing Coach
  • Sketch profile tool for coach selection and development
  • Coaching self-assessment
  • Participant coaching effectiveness monthly feedback form
  • Coaching training and support
  • Coaching notes (Coaching Manual)
  • Access or reference to variety of external resources for students and coaches
  • Cohort monthly meeting reflective questions


Each participant is supported by an e-coaching program (set up to meet 40 hour minimum of contact).

Coaches meet on line regularly with program coordinator.

The 20-30 hours of additional course work can be integrated into the program.

Monthly cohort meetings can be held.


The program is founded on five principles of adult learning and leadership growth:

  • PRINCIPLE 1: Discover your ideal self.
  • PRINCIPLE 2: Discover your real self.
  • PRINCIPLE 3: Create your own learning agenda.
  • PRINCIPLE 4: Experiment with and practice new habits.
  • PRINCIPLE 5: Set smart goals.
  • PRINCIPLE 6: Get support.


What is highly significant about our program, and sets us apart from others, is the focus on leadership capacity. It is not enough to focus on the CPSEL standards. These standards are simply critical areas of focus for school leaders. They say little or nothing about the capacity to motivate and mobilize people and other resources within each area. Leadership is not just about competency innavigating social and structural areas of a school. Leadership is about capacity to lead, and we get at this capacity through our seventeen Foundational Leadership Attributes.


Staffing needed:

Program coordinator

Suggested one e-coach per five participants


Duration of the program: two years

Months 1-5 complete up through Module 6

Months 6-10 complete through Module 9

Months 11-20 repeat as necessary from Module 6 to final assessment


Important issues:

Implementation needs to be heavily job embedded. These are busy people in demanding jobs!

Keep total program cost under $3,000. It is not fair for the participants to have to pay thousands of dollars for a program.



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