Posting Mngmnt / Data Tracking

Posting Management and Data Tracking


  • Do you have a job posting or listing you would like to use one of our Sketches with?
  • Do you have a staff development project you would like to use one of our Sketches or Surveys with?
  • Would you like a way to easily collect basic application data along with resumes and supporting documents?
  • Do you want your data well organized and easy to manage?
  • How about basic profile and development-targeted reports?
  • Do you need to manage your TargetInterview results? 


Our online Posting Management System does all of this by allowing you to create and manage "Postings".

Each Posting include a posting-specific link that directs applicants to a data collection web page and then to the Sketch. Data collected is specific to that Posting so that when you review applicants for that Posting, you see only those that have applied directly through the Posting-specific link.

The link that is part of each Posting is intended to be published in wherever you list your job advertisements, such as job listing websites (Monster, etc) or online newspaper classified ads, or in-house website listings; just copy and paste the link into your listing.

You can create as many Postings as you like, each with a separate link for collecting data and presenting a Sketch. You can subscribe to more than one Sketch (for example the General Employee Sketch and General Manager Sketch); if you have five employee positions and one manager position, you could create six Postings to organize your applications, with one of the Posting using the General Manager Sketch and the rest using the General Employee Sketch.

Of course, you could decide to have the top applicants interviewed using our Structured Interview and the results of the interviews are available through the Posting Manager

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