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The TargetSketch is a predictive behavior profiling tool based on an easy-to-use online questionnaire format. The Sketch results are used to develop a behavior profile focusing on themes that have been shown by research to be associated with high-performance and success. Depending on the particular Sketch (there are different versions for different types of position), there are 30 to 50 questions. 

The Sketch is delivered online. What that means is that a user accesses the Sketch using a standard web browser running on a computer of some sort attached to the Internet. 
Sketch results are also delivered online. 

Along with other screening and selection strategies these sketches provide valuable information to help in determining which applicants will be interviewed.



Sketches Currently Available:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • School Principal/Leader
  • Central Office Administration
  • Classified Support
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Structured Interviews:

Training and Service


Structured Interviews are carefully scripted programmed interviews that focus on predictive behavioral themes.


"The structured behavioral interview has several strengths that contribute to reliability, validity, legal defensibility, and perceptions of fairness. On the other hand, the unstructured interpersonal interview can be one of the most unreliable and invalid methods of selection available. The validity of the unstructured interview has been reported to be lower than most other types of selection systems. Due to the potential for subjectivity and bias, an unstructured interview process leaves an agency particularly vulnerable to legal attack. The structured behavioral interview also greatly enhances the quality and honesty of information gathered from employment interviews."

-State of Arizona Human Resources Division


Our behavior based structured interviews are used in the final stage of selection after initial screening.

Structured interview questions are scripted, research based, job related and open ended. The results of a structured interview predict on-the-job behavior at a much higher rate than traditional subjective interviews. This process takes candidate screening to the next level of productivity by clearly measuring Behavioral/Actualization of key attributes and make selection decisions based on objective listening rather than feeling and intuition.

TargetInterview is designed to predict how an applicant is likely to perform once on the job.

Training and certification is required to use TargetSuccess Structured Interviews. (Contact us for pricing, availability, and further information) 


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TS Structured Interviews Available


Classified Support

Principal/School leader

Central Office Administration



Leadership Development


TargetSuccess offers in-depth development programs using tools like the TargetSketch that gives insight into an individuals strengths and weaknesses. 

The support and development of school leaders is a critical part of our work in fulfilling our vision of: Each student, each day having a positive learning experience.

We currently are involved with several school leadership development programs around the country. We look forward to supporting the work of many more of these important programs in the future. We have also been providing support in several school districts for the growth of their school leaders.

TargetSuccess Leadership Programs offer an in-depth development system that includes elements of  the TargetSketch, TargetInterview and TargetSurvey instruments. Our online self-directed program facilitates deep insight into an individuals strengths and weaknesses.

These tools add significant value to programs training aspiring school leaders and school districts wanting to provide growth opportunities for existing school leaders.

If you would like more information about our work or demonstration of any of our tools please contact us. We want to support your success.

View a sample Development Profile Analysis




We provide cost effective survey/feedback and evaluation tools to businesses, medical offices, schools and other non-profit organizations to enable sustained improvement in individual and organizational performance. Before developing a survey we first identify the most important things to be measured. These items are then developed into a detailed profile.

The survey items are then designed to measure each attribute contained in the profile.

The client receives a detailed report on the data generated from the survey and can opt for consultation on how to use the data for improvement or sustaining excellence. 





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