Why More And More Employers Use Psychometric Assessments

psychometric assessment uniqueWith the influx of college graduates and experienced workers flooding the job market, employers have to look at new methods for effectively evaluating and examining applicants for potential careers within a company. The most fashionable of these methods is called psychometric assessments. This type of testing measures an individual’s personality and ability to find the most suitable person for a particular occupation. This assessment tool can also be used to do the opposite and find the most compatible career for a particular individual. Employers can find this process most useful for recent graduates and for people who have recently made a career change.

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5 Classic Interview Questions Updated for Today’s Job Market

Interview QuestionsHow common questions have evolved and what to listen for in the responses

In previous years when giving a job interview, you know the standard questions to ask. “What is your biggest weakness?” “What interests you about this position?” and “Why do you think you’d be a fit for this role?” often rise to the top of the common interview questions list.

Many GREAT companies are updating their customary questions to include ones that refer to new trends, address the current economic situation or gauge a candidate’s commitment to the company and position in question. In today’s job market employers are searching for GREAT employees, those with intrinsic qualities that are predictive of success in their position.

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