Potential Strategic Alliance Partner

At TargetSuccess™ we believe the foundation of the business world is changing every day. We embrace the change by thinking differently about hiring and developing people.

The way we embrace the change is by creating innovative tools that capture intrinsic behaviors and making our products simple to use so good companies become GREAT!


You may be very familiar with the following common problems that companies face:

  • Getting flooded with applications
  • Bad hires cost a lot more than their salaries
  • Resumes show the best & hide the rest
  • Good people are hard to find (46% of newly hired employees FAIL within 18 months)
  • And many, many more

If you offer services that our clients may be interested in – I would like to know more about them.

Email me for the opportunity to talk further if you are interested in a potential strategic alliance to maximize the value to our mutual clients.

Please remember to include your phone number and website URL in your message!

Peter Pillsbury