What is HR Business Partner Role?

The HR Business Partner is usually the front-office job in Human Resources. It is quite modern. It was introduced by David Ulrich in his book “HR Champion”. The HR Business Partner was a defined as the real partner to the internal clients, the partner understanding the needs of clients and bringing the right solutions to aiming to resolve the issues.

The HR Business Partnership concept created a mess in HR Departments as the implementation of the modern theory was quick and processes were not adjusted to include the new job in the process flowcharts. The implementation of the HR Business Partners is not easy, and the HR Departments should not rush.

Who is HR Business Partner and what is the HR Business Partner’s Role?

The HR Business Partner is the experienced HR employee with the previous practice from the various business areas. The real value added of the HR Business Partner is in a detailed knowledge of the business and the ability to identify quickly gaps in the operation of the internal client.

The HR Business Partner is not focused on selling the HR Policies and Procedures, but helps to the internal client to find the best way how to implement them and remain compliant with the policies. The HR Business Partner is able to prioritize as the impact of the solutions and quick wins is clear and the internal clients sees the improvement in the managed area.

The HR Business Partner couches the line managers at the internal customer and helps managers to develop the subordinates. The HR Business Partners knows personally the key employees in the managed area and is able to obtain the formal and informal feedback, which can be highly significant for the managerial decisions about the people management.

The HR Business Partner acts as the facilitator during the meeting at the internal client and helps to find the best way, how to develop the staff and how to increase the performance as the internal clients contributes to building the sustainable competitive advantage constantly.

The HR Business Partner is essential in the recruitment process at the internal client and finds the talented employees internally and externally. The HR Business Partner can identify the top talents and by negotiating with the top managers can push the line managers to rotate the best staff as the organization keeps its healthiness.

Value added of HR Business Partner

HR can realize many benefits from the introduction of HR Business Partners . The partners are the sales representatives of HR at the internal clients and they can provide guidance to the managers how to interact with Human Resources and what is necessary for the successful cooperation.

The HR Business Partner is usually the only HR employee, who can perform the value added HR processes like the Talent Management or Career Management at the internal client. As the HR Business Partner is generally valued and the internal client wants to hear the opinion and ideas are respected, the HR Business Partner can support career steps and rotations. The advice from the unknown HR employees would not be reflected; the advice from the HR Business Partner can start moving people around.

The HR Business Partner can understand the real issues of the internal clients and help to choose the right goals to the HR Department and affect the HR Strategy strongly. The internal clients will see HR doing the right effort and improving the services, which are undoubtedly needed.

The HR Business Partner has a strong influence on the satisfaction of the internal clients with the job done by Human Resources. This is what is counted, when the top managers think about the promotions in Human Resources.