There IS a Better Way to Hire the Right People



There is a better way to hire the right people.

  • Companies hired people who looked great on paper, only to find they couldn’t deliver because they didn’t fit in.
  • They spent a huge amount of time (and money) to land the right person, only to have them leave early on.
  • All too often, candidates didn’t even show up for interviews, or for their first shift after paid training.
  • If they did stay on, the damage to employee morale or the reputation of the company was disastrous.

We changed the game.

We started with a few new rules:

  1. Ditch the resume. There’s no correlation between the information it contains (even if it is truthful), and how long a person will stay or how productive they’ll be.
  2. Measure what matters. Focus on fit first. Since most companies find themselves hiring for experience and firing for fit… maybe we should change the starting point.
  3. Let the candidate do some of the work. Job boards and other tools have made it too easy for candidates to spam their resumes out to hundreds of companies they’ve probably never heard of and certainly haven’t researched. Stop wasting time on candidates who have no skin in the game!
  4. Focus your attention on the objectivity of the candidates talents, not the subjectivity of how they look.


Our clients come from diverse industries, mainly from referrals and word of mouth. Those who like us, like us a lot!! They count on us as thought leaders because we get them thinking about conventional problems in unconventional ways. We believe that every company desires to hire the RIGHT people so their company becomes GREAT!!

Having said that, please don’t call us if you’re not prepared to try a different approach to solving your problem. You’d be amazed how many people fall into that category… but then again, if you’ve read this far, you’re not likely one of them, are you?