When Applicant Tracking Systems Bite Back!

applicant-trackingApplicant tracking systems are wonderful contraptions, aren’t they? Recruiters: what a great pleasure to behold to have a system where you can review, disposition, and index all of the extraordinary candidates who apply to our jobs. It sifts through resumes; it assesses the skills of candidates; it even allows us to interview and check the backgrounds of the rockstars who await that shiny new offer from our companies.

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How to Spot a High Potential SuperStar Salesperson – 4th Quality

Business relationship

Number four on the list of necessary qualities is the ABILITY TO BUILD POSITIVE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS. Sales is, more than anything else, the activity of developing relationships with quantities of people which result in those people trusting the salesperson, feeling positive feelings about him/her, and believing the things he/she says.

So, the successful salesperson is the individual who can quickly build trusting relationships with all sorts of people. That requires empathy, the ability to listen, perceptiveness, and the ability to mold himself/herself into the kind of person the prospect needs. Continue reading

How to Spot a High Potential SuperStar Salesperson – 3rd Quality

LearnThe third quality necessary for superstar success in sales is the ABILITY AND PROPENSITY TO LEARN.

I’m not talking strictly about acquiring knowledge in the sense that one learns in school. For the successful salesperson, the ability to learn means the ability to evaluate a situation, and then to modify or make adjustments in his/her behavior as a result. Continue reading

How to Spot a High Potential SuperStar Salesperson – 2nd Quality

high energy salesman


The second quality that every successful salesperson needs is a HIGH ENERGY LEVEL.

Whether we like it or not, it is still true, and probably always will be, that sales is, to a large degree, a numbers game. Every sales person must see a certain number of people in order to sell one. Or, he must call on an account a certain number of times before he begins to do business with it. Continue reading

How to Spot a High Potential SuperStar Salesperson

super salespersonWant to make your job much easier? Want to look like a hero to your boss? Want to make the best single decision you’ll ever make as a sales manager?

Then hire a superstar salesperson. A superstar will bring you such a treasure of powerful benefits that your single act of hiring a superstar will be the best business decision you’ll ever make. First, a superstar will require very little of your management or supervisory time. A superstar spends a great deal of time thinking about his/her job, figuring out how to do it better. He’s driven to succeed, and will work hard and smart in order to do so. The best management strategy with a superstar is to give him/her room and stay out of the way. That means you can spend your time with the other sales people who need it. Continue reading